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Shift Your Community’s Paradigm at the Education with Purpose: Call to Action Event.

To thrive in a rapidly changing world, young people need a dynamic competitive advantage in their education and career journey. Unify and empower your organization and stakeholders to deliver this advantage at the 2021 Education with Purpose: Call to Action. It’s time to shift the paradigm in education, workforce, and economic development—and make students career ready, period.

Every young person deserves to experience a motivated educational and career journey. Reaching this critical goal will involve the entire community—unified, committed, and walking in lockstep toward a shared purpose.

At the live national Call to Action virtual event, this united purpose is exactly what we will create. Your organization and stakeholders will experience a groundbreaking approach to education, workforce, and economic development—along with the vision, focus, and inspiration to bring it home.

International speaker, bestselling author, and performance expert Mark C. Perna will bring everyone into the fold of purpose-driven education, creating the vital buy-in to make this vision a reality in your community.

In addition to the dynamic livestream experience, the Call to Action also includes valuable, personalized pre- and post-event electronic resources that will be sent to every individual registrant.

Join us as we call, equip, and ignite communities across North America to take decisive action.


The skills gap—between the abilities employers are looking for and what the workforce can actually deliver—is growing. This gap will only be bridged at the local level, as communities come together to adapt, adopt, and scale K14 and university career pathways to meet workforce demand and create viable initiatives for economic development.

Young people need options and opportunities beyond college readiness alone. Our changing world has created many new and unconventional pathways to success, making the “college for all” narrative obsolete. When all careers and levels of education are on the table as viable, rewarding, and celebrated pathways, students can become career ready, period.

To accomplish this mission, every stakeholder and decision-maker in your community must share the vision. It’s no longer enough to preach to the choir. The Call to Action will bring everyone into the fold of purpose-driven education—creating the vital buy-in to make this vision a reality.




Discover how to support students in developing the dynamic competitive advantage to adapt in a rapidly changing world

Transform the education-to-career narrative so all students can build academic knowledge, technical competencies, and professional skills

Find out how the national skills gap begins with the “awareness gap” and how we can bridge it

Engage young people at a whole new level.

Connect, engage and answer why for today’s young people by understanding what they think, what makes them tick, and how to unleash their highest performance

Apply the Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy to motivate students from all backgrounds to graduate with a focused plan for achieving the lifestyle and career they desire

Learn how to shift students from “static purpose” where some may be stuck, to “active purpose” where they step proactively toward their goals

Help young people see for themselves that education is their solution to achieving their lifestyle and career aspirations, based on their own unique interests, talents, and abilities

Empower your community and stakeholders to come together.

Invite key stakeholders and business leaders in your community to experience this compelling message and inspire positive change in education and workforce development

Create the vital buy-in to ensure all parties are engaged and pulling in the same direction to accomplish a shared vision

Advance your journey toward a stronger future where all students experience purpose-driven education and become career ready, period


Mark C. Perna is the founder and CEO of TFS Results, a full-service strategic communications and consulting firm at the forefront of the national paradigm shift in education and workforce development. As an international generational expert, Mark has devoted his career to empowering educators and employers to unleash the tremendous potential of today’s young people.

Mark, who serves on the Advisory Council for the Coalition for Career Development in Washington, DC, has helped countless parents, schools, districts, businesses, and state organizations across North America to connect more effectively with the younger generations. He delivers more than 70 virtual and in-person keynote speeches annually and spoke at Harvard University by special invitation.

At, Mark publishes articles as a weekly contributor and records monthly Leadership videos produced in partnership with the Forbes editorial team. He has published many op-eds in national publications and interviews frequently on radio shows, television, and podcasts. Every weekday, he hosts the 90-second Perna Syndicate micro-podcast covering insights on education, careers, and workforce development. His award-winning bestseller, Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, was written to help educators, employers, and parents understand and motivate the millennial and Z generations.

At TFS Results, Mark’s team of talented professionals share his vision of making a bigger difference in education and workforce development. With industry-leading products like the Career Tree® and EnrollTrack and an array of in-person and virtual professional development solutions, TFS Results is working to reshape the future of education in America. The company proudly partners with schools, colleges, businesses, and statewide organizations across North America to help them experience significant gains in enrollment, engagement, retention, and performance rates.

Alongside founder Mark C. Perna, TFS Results hosts the Education with Purpose: Call to Action to ignite communities across the nation to make students career ready, period.


TFS Results by the Numbers


Today is the single greatest opportunity in history to change the way people think about education and how it connects to the bigger picture. The critical areas of student success, education outcomes, workforce development, and the expanding skills gap are deeply interrelated, but often operate in isolation. This must change if the next generation is to explore all postsecondary pathways that lead to viable, living-wage careers. At its heart, this is the mission of Education with Purpose.

A wide range of organizations across five time zones and two countries are already part of this national call to action event—and we can’t wait. Their excitement to start making a bigger impact in their communities is catching on, as stakeholders are discovering the power of Education with Purpose. Space is limited, so don’t delay.

When we’re all working together toward a shared vision, that’s when paradigms shift.


To help you make the most of this experience and attract key stakeholders, you are invited to attend our virtual PREP Session. In this 30-minute, free virtual session, Education with Purpose founder Mark Perna will cover:

Live Q&A with Mark

The Call to Action event overview, vision, and goals

Who to bring from your community to experience the Call to Action

How to use the customizable tools, strategies, and materials to invite your key stakeholders; these will be made available to each participant immediately following the PREP Session

The PREP Session is optional and free of charge. Register for the slot that best fits your schedule:


3:00PM EST


3:00PM EST


3:00PM EST


3:00PM EST


4:00PM EST


3:00PM EST

The PREP Session is open to anyone wanting to shift the paradigm in their community. A Zoom Cloud recording will be available to registrants for 72 hours following each PREP Session for those who cannot attend live.

Please note that registering for the free PREP Session does not automatically register you for the Call to Action event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Registration for the 2021 Education with Purpose: Call to Action Event is $75 per person. Tickets are now on sale. Limited spots.




Who should attend?

For maximum impact, every key stakeholder in your community should experience this event. Everyone in your community that you need at the table in order to start a serious dialogue should be there: superintendents, board members, principals, counselors, teachers, chancellors, deans, parents, employers, legislators, economic development professionals, community leaders, and other stakeholders.

How can I use this event to build momentum in my community?

Making all students career ready, period can only happen when every stakeholder catches the vision of purpose-driven education. The Call to Action is a unique catalyst to bring people together, align their goals, and start the process of shifting the paradigm together. This event is only the beginning of the Education with Purpose event series; get your community on board early to build momentum on your journey.

What payment options are accepted?

Registration is handled through the Zoom Webinar platform and requires a credit card. To keep the price of registration low, we will be unable to accept purchase orders for groups. Each group must register their participants individually via the Zoom Webinar registration page in order to attend the event.

Are virtual events like this effective?

Mark has become one of the most sought-after and highly rated virtual speakers in the education and workforce development space. His audiences range from small groups to vast crowds of thousands—and he engages them all with a fun, fast-paced, and heartfelt style packed with substance.

I can’t watch live; will a recording be made available for registrants?

Yes, all paid registrants will receive 48-hour access to a Zoom Cloud link recording of the full Call to Action event.

Is there any followup or additional resources post-event?

Yes! The Call to Action is just the beginning. In September 2022, leaders in education and workforce development will convene in Cleveland, Ohio for the groundbreaking Education with Purpose 2022. Here, teams and individuals will do the critical work of focusing, planning, and taking action to make students career ready, period. You’ll be both a leader and a follower within the conference’s unique facilitated planning cohort model—working together to develop your plan, collaborate with other organizations in attendance, and share your progress and success. The Call to Action lays the team development groundwork for this event, igniting your team and stakeholders with a passion for making a bigger difference.

After the Call to Action, TFS Results will provide all paid registrants with an electronic copy of Mark’s presentation slides. All paid registrants will also receive 48-hour access to a Zoom Cloud link recording of the full Call to Action event.

The Call to Action is just the beginning.

Find out more about the Education with Purpose: Take Action Event, September 21–22, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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